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Let’s come together to make wellness the cornerstone of our community and the Buckeye Experience. Let’s prioritize you.

A Welcome From Your Candidates

Maddie + Sri

What does it mean to unlock your potential? To us, it means to be able to pursue your goals and aspirations without facing any restrictions or limitations. It means pursing your own unique journey. It means prioritizing you. We are Maddie Carson and Sri Uppalapati, your 2021 student body president and vice president candidates who are running to ensure that you and every other Buckeye has the tools and support to unlock your potential.

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Maddie Carson
❝ I want each Buckeye to feel heard, to feel included, and to feel at home as a member of this community.
Sri Uppalapati
❝ I am passionate about making sure that students of all identities can come to OSU for an equitable academic experience.

A Brief Introduction

Meet The Candidates

Maddie and Sri are both third-year engineering majors from Ohio. Despite both having been involved in USG for three years they became close friends through a statistics class in the spring of 2020. Through talking with each other they started to realize that they both shared a vision of seeing holistic wellness prioritized more at OSU. So since August, Maddie and Sri have been working hard to put an amazing team together to help show that vision to the student body. We hope that you can resonate with the vision that Maddie and Sri have crafted with the help of so many others.

What We Can Do Together

Our Top 3 Priorities




Meet The Slate

Who We Are

We are delighted to have so many students passionate about bettering the student experience across all dimensions of wellness on our team. Learn more about Maddie, Sri, and our amazing senate slate here!

Maddie Carson


Sri Uppalapati

Vice President

Olivia Schaffer

Natural & Mathematical Sciences

Suhavi Salmon-Rehki

College of Public Health

Sabriya Zaman

College of Business

Teresa Lebowitz

College of Public Affairs

The Nine Dimensions Of Wellness

Our Philosophy

We believe that when approaching how to change the student experience it should be done as holistically as possible. In order to achieve that holistic goal we have used the 9 dimensions of wellness as a framework for our policy. Using the 9 dimensions we hope to make a more just and equitable experience for all students at OSU.

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