Career Wellness

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Improve the Student Employee Experience

The Problem

From Dining Services to Residence Life, many students work part-time in addition to their studies. Despite this, many student employees do not feel that they have established pathways to communicate with leadership. Decision-making processes are not being communicated clearly, and many employees feel they do not have a stake in their work. Many student employees do not currently receive time and a half while working federal holidays, forcing them to work on holidays with no additional income. Oftentimes, student employees that do remain on campus to work during federal holidays are few in numbers, and expected to increase their hours to accommodate lack of additional staff. Moreover, the opportunity for raises and promotions are few and far between. All of these factors can make having a job while being a college student even more difficult.

Our Plan

Working with the Office of Human Resources and key departments employing students, Maddie and Sri will advocate for changes that:

The Impact

The relationship between student employees and university leadership will improve with increased transparency and sufficient pay.

Improve Inclusive Professional Development

The Problem

Professional development is an integral part of every student’s education, yet the opportunities to do so do not always foster an inclusive, multicultural environment. Students of all identities should be valued at the professional level, and the university needs to improve outreach and programming accordingly.

Our Plan

Maddie and Sri will work with career development resources at the university to:

The Impact

Our students will feel empowered and be more prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation.

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