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On-Campus Living Area Senator

Kyla Hurns (she/her)

Kyla is a first-year studying Public Management, Leadership and Policy and Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Southfield, Michigan. She decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign as part of their senate slate because she believes that the 9 dimensions of wellness are crucial in creating a fair and equitable campus for all students on Ohio State’s campus. Kyla is passionate about ensuring the safety of all students on campus, reconstructing the roommate matching process to be more comprehensive and make voter education a part of the orientation process for incoming students. She has decided to run for on-campus senator because she believes that Ohio State is a place for all students and wants to continue to improve the experience of all students. Outside of the campaign, Kyla is a member of the Black Caucus Committee of USG, a team member of the John Glenn’s Policy Visualization Team and a member of 1Girl OSU. Follow her on Instagram @kylahurns, to learn more about her policy ideas and voice your opinion on how to improve Ohio State’s campus.

On-Campus Living Area Senator

Stephanie Ogonuwe (she/her)

Stephanie is a second-year, from Hilliard, Ohio, studying Public Health with a specialization in Environmental Health and a minor in Women, Gender, and Public Policy. Stephanie decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign as a part of their Senate Slate because she values centering the student experience on campus and advocating for students’ wellbeing, specifically improving their emotional, academic, and career wellness. Follow her on Instagram @stephanie.ogonuwe, she will be highlighting her policy interests and others that are specific to the on-campus student experience throughout the campaign.

On-Campus Living Area Senator

Dean Orloff (he/him)

Dean Orloff is a first-year student from Worthington, Ohio. He’s majoring in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics on a pre-law track. Dean is running for an on-campus Senate seat this year to improve on sustainability and diversity policies at OSU, and is currently a member of the Sustainability Committee through USG and the Morrill Scholars Program Learning Community. He joined Maddie and Sri’s campaign following their message of holistic, inclusive wellness. As Senator, Dean will prioritize policies that improve student well-being on campus, especially during such an unconventional year for many. He’s planning to build community gardens around OSU and Columbus City Schools, and to promote diverse representation for campus policy decisions. His dot number is orloff.15, and he’s always available to answer any questions!

Off-Campus Living Area Senator

Cameron Bryant (he/him)

Cameron is a third year pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in both Political Science and Public Management, Leadership, & Policy within the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. He chose to join Maddie & Sri’s Campaign because of the kindness and compassion that he saw exhibited in their advocacy that continues to yield major results for students. Cameron is extremely passionate about advocating for the mental heath and wellbeing of students, in addition to enhancing the safety and security of the immediate off-campus student residential areas. Cameron will always strive to maintain an open and direct dialogue that is receptive to constructive criticism working to advance the most important interests and priorities of students at any given time. Furthermore, Cameron plans to work closely with the University Administration in advocating for a safe and healthy full re-opening of campus as the world begins to emerge from the COVID-19 era. He will work to ensure that all necessary equipment and resources are available for all students, with a heavy focus on off-campus students as those are the students often forgotten by the University. Cameron has served as an Academic Affairs Committee Representative and currently serves as a Health & Safety Committee Representative within the Undergraduate Student Government (USG). He knows the value of compassionate advocacy and will let this be the guiding light to putting his fellow students first. You can follow him on Instagram @cam_bryant1733 to keep up to date with him and see updates regarding this campaign.

Off-Campus Living Area Senator

David Jordan (he/him)

David is a first year studying Public Affairs and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He is from Hudson, Ohio, and is proud to be running to represent the off-campus living area. He is running to ensure all students have equal access to the resources necessary to succeed during their time at Ohio State. Specifically, David is passionate about protecting students’ rights, improving access to mental health resources, and promoting safety and transparency regarding crimes both on and off campus. He currently serves as a committee representative in the Governmental Relations Committee in USG. He can be found on social media @davidjorda_n.

Off-Campus Living Area Senator

Mia Potenzini (she/her)

Mia Potenzini (she/her) Mia is a second-year from Columbus, Ohio studying Public Management, Leadership, and Policy with a specialization in Community Organization and Civic Engagement. She is excited to be running on Maddie and Sri’s Senate Slate because she believes that community is the cornerstone of being a college student. She is passionate about building that community by empowering students to be civically engaged, advocating for sustainability initiatives, and promoting campus safety that is equitable and just. She decided to run for an Off-Campus seat because she believes that a student body who is engaged in their community is more connected to resources and their peers, and wants to assure that that feeling of connectedness is maintained for off-campus students. Mia is a member of the Governmental Relations Committee in USG, as well as OSU’s Film and Video Society!

Natural and Mathematical Sciences Senator

Katie McGreal (she/her)

 Katie McGreal is a third year studying biology with minors in bioethics and global public health. Katie is very passionate about improving mental health resources and wellness resources at Ohio State. She is excited to be a part of Maddie and Sri’s campaign to join them in working to make Ohio State a supportive place for all students. Katie is very passionate about improving mental health resources on campus, increasing affordability for students, advocating for STEM students, and increasing access and education about Ohio State’s on campus healthcare resources. She decided to run for one of the seats for Natural and Mathematical Sciences in the College of Arts of Sciences, since Katie is incredibly grateful for her experience with the college, and she wants to give back and advocate for her peers to improve their Ohio State experience. Outside of the campaign, Katie is a Biological Science Scholar, does cancer research at the James, is a member of the Club Swim team, and works as a lifeguard at the RPAC and is a COVID-19 Student Testing Assistant.

Natural and Mathematical Sciences Senator

Olivia Schaffer (she/her)

Olivia Schaffer (she/her/hers) is a second year biology major from Norwalk, Ohio. She is running for a senate seat because she is passionate about serving students and hopes to be able to continue empowering her constituents for a second year in the general assembly. Olivia is dedicated to the mental health of students, authoring legislation to put mental health statements on syllabi at the beginning of this year. In the future, she hopes to lead according to Maddie and Sri’s campaign centered around the dimensions of wellness and continue to make mental health resources more accessible to students by focusing on outreach and collaboration.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Senator

Caitlyn Cunningham (she/her)

 Caitlyn is a second year from Dayton, OH studying Security and Intelligence, with minors in Russian and International Business. She decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign because she believes in promoting wellness for all students across all dimensions, as well as the importance of all students voices being heard and amplified, and saw that reflected through their campaign. She is passionate about expanding sustainability initiatives on campus, improving programs and support for non-traditional students, and reforming campus wellness initiatives, including Buck-I-CARE about Consent. She decided to run for the Behavioral Sciences seat because, given the size of the College of Arts and Sciences, she sees this as a unique challenge and opportunity to improve the college experiences for so many students. Outside of the campaign, Caitlyn is an Undergraduate Senator in University Senate, Co-Founder and Director of External Programming for Health Carousel Campus Ambassadors, and is a member and Director of Ritual for Alpha Gamma Delta.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Senator

Zac Forsythe (he/him)

Zac is a first-year studying Political Science with a specialization in Justice and Equality. He decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign because of their shared commitment to holistically ensuring opportunity, success, and health for every student on and off campus. Born in Gosford, Australia, he and his family immigrated to the USA when he was very young. Since then, he’s been living in Columbus, later attending Gahanna Lincoln High School. After joining his school’s Speech and Debate team, Zac learned how to effectively utilize his voice in the fight for Social Justice. He decided to run for a Social and Behavioral Sciences Seat because Ohio State has given him the immense opportunity for him to have a voice and as the University continues to fight through Covid-19, Ohio State can take action to ensure a more livable and equitable environment for all students. Zac’s mission is to ensure that this environment becomes a reality. His specific policy plans revolve around implementing policies that allow for greater voter participation for OSU’s students, strengthening OSU’s mental health infrastructure as a first resort resource, and additionally, instating procedures that increase diversity in the Student Body. Zac co-hosts Pod For The Future, a podcast focused on American politics and cultivating its next generation of leaders. He is an active member of his community and is constantly seeking opportunities to volunteer where he is needed the most throughout Columbus. Overall, Zac is the driven, substantive, and visionary candidate that you can trust to ensure that Ohio State becomes more representative, equitable, and just. You can follow him @Zachary.Forsythe to receive campaign updates and overviews of policies he wants to put to action.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Senator

Halle Nahoum (she/her)

Halle is a third-year student studying Political Science and Public Management, Leadership, and Policy. She is also on track in receiving a certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Halle decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign as a part of their senate slate because she believes that their commitment to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment that is based on student engagement is critical to the betterment of our university, and she wholeheartedly believes that Maddie and Sri are the people to lead us in those efforts. As a current Senator in the 53rd General Assembly, Halle has been passionate in advocating for improving academic accessibility standards in a digital era, expanding and further promoting mental health resources on campus, and seeking a more just academic misconduct process. She has decided to run for the College of Arts and Sciences: Social and Behavioral Sciences seat because she wants to continue to help better the student learning experience of her peers. Outside of the campaign, Halle is a member of the Academic Affairs Committee, Allocations Committee, and Oversight Committee of USG, as well as a Senator for the Off Campus Living Area and a member of her sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Feel free to follow her on Instagram @hallenahoum to hear more about her policy ideas if elected!

Social and Behavioral Sciences Senator

Ella Roxey (she/her)

Ella Roxey is a first-year political science major from Columbus. She is passionate about making OSU a more equitable, safe, and empowering environment. Ella is committed to serving students and is looking forward to working with her peers, professors, faculty, and community in order to create a better university experience. She joined Maddie and Sri’s campaign because she believes that we are people first and students second. Therefore, Ella will work hard to ensure that all students are valued as important members of our campus community- students deserve wellness. Outside of Maddie and Sri’s campaign, Ella is a proud member of the Morrill Scholars Program and is  involved in USG’s Governmental Relations Committee, PERIOD OSU, Ignite, and College Democrats.

College of Business Senator

Ziwen Guan (she/her)

Ziwen is a second year from Orlando, Florida studying Management Information Systems with a minor in Design Thinking. She decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign as a part of their Senate Slate, as through her campus job as a teaching assistant, she observes systemic issues inhibiting the student academic experience. She is passionate about improving the student academic experience, specifically by increasing transparency between instructors and students, empowering instructors to increasingly consider student mental health when it comes to running the course and eliminating unnecessary barriers to student success caused by extenuating circumstances. Outside of the campaign, Ziwen serves as Vice President of Marketing for Information Systems Association, as a Project Manager for Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations, as a Teaching Assistant for BUSMGT 3230 (Operations Management), and is involved in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee of Kappa Alpha Theta.

College of Business Senator

Szofi Wiksell (she/her)

Szofi is a second-year with a double major in Marketing and Public Management, Leadership, and Policy. She decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign and their Senate Slate because she sees all aspects of wellness highlighted by their campaign and finds that vital to academic and personal success. She is passionate about increasing mental health resources, safety initiatives, and inclusiveness throughout campus. She specifically decided to run for the fisher seat because the Fisher College of Business encompasses such driven minds and opportunities and she wants to make the environment even more inclusive and successful. Szofi is a member of the Academic Affairs Committee in USG, serves as the VP of Operations in the Undergraduate Business Council, is in the International Affairs Scholars Program, and is a Fisher and International Affairs Program Peer Mentor. Follow her on Instagram @szofiwiksell to stay informed on her policy plans and campaign updates.

College of Business Senator

Sabriya Zaman (she/her)

Sabriya is a first-year studying Business Administration with a specialization in Economics. She decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign as a part of their Senate Slate because she resonated with their ideas surrounding student success and wellness utilizing the nine dimensions of wellness. Sabriya has always been passionate about accessibility, inclusivity, and serving others. She has ideas involving reorganizing the student job board, facilitating an easier transition for rising freshmen and sophomores, and promoting more intersectionality within Fisher. She decided to run for a College of Business seat because she is interested in helping business students take advantage of their opportunities to make the most of their college experience. When she’s not campaigning, Sabriya is an active member in USG (in the Academic Affairs committee), MSA, and A Kid Again @ OSU.

College of Engineering Senator

Shobitha Sanjeevan (she/her)

Shobitha is a third-year studying Electrical Engineering and Public Policy Analysis. She is passionate about bridging together the worlds of policy within engineering. She hopes to amplify student voices and increase efforts in student advocacy within the realms of the College of Engineering. She decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign because their message of promoting wellness was simple yet so powerful. Following suit, she hopes to address the ways engineering participates in systemic inequalities, she believes that students should have a larger weight in policies that directly affect them, and hopes to create the culture that students can succeed in engineering without the cost of their mental health. In summary, she hopes to place immense pressure on faculty and administration to preserve student wellness in all dimensions. Outside of the campaign, Shobitha is actively involved in the Columbus dance scene where she trains and battles in hip hop styles specializing in Krump. Follow her on instagram @shobitha_sai for updates on the campaign as well as dance and music endeavors!

College of Engineering Senator

Bridgette Wadge (she/her)

Bridgette Wadge is a fourth year studying Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Community Outreach Education from Amherst, Ohio. She is excited to be a member of Maddie’s and Sri’s Senate Slate because she believes in the dimensions of wellness framework that the campaign is built on. Bridgette’s primary goals are to increase civic engagement and education on campus, to improve lighting and safety in the off-campus community, and to provide more group mental health and creative wellness opportunities for students. Bridgette has been an officer in the Society of Women Engineers for three years and is currently a Lead UTA for the Fundamentals of Engineering Honors program in the college, and she believes these experiences have equipped her to elevate the voices of her fellow engineers if elected to the General Assembly. Follow Bridgette on Instagram @bridgette_wdge to connect with her, ask or share ideas about policy points, and learn more about the campaign!

Exploration Senator

Miles Skove (he/him)

Miles is a first-year undecided major who plans on studying finance and international business with a minor in political science. He is a former wrestler and actor originally from Rumson, New Jersey. Here at Ohio State, he is a member of the Governmental Relations Committee of USG. He has joined Maddie and Sri’s campaign as part of their Senate Slate because he believes in their holistic views of student wellness. As such Miles is focused on increasing student access to dedicated counselors, inviting second year students to events that were virtual in 2020-21, and involving the student body more in USG outreach both inside and outside of the university community. He has decided to run for the exploration senate seat because he wants to provide everyone with the support that they need to have their ideal college experience whatever that may be. Follow him @miles_skove on Instagram for campaign updates and policy plans!

College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences Senator

Aurora Ellis (she/her)

Aurora is a second-year studying Environmental Policy and Decision Making, with minors in Spanish and Strategic Communication. She decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign as a part of their senate slate because she sees qualities of effective leadership, intelligence, and competence in them, and has no doubt that their administration would better Ohio State. She is passionate about making on and off campus areas more sustainable, filling gaps in university mental health programs, and improving responsiveness and connectivity within the online education format. She decided to run for the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences seat because it has been her home on campus for the last for two years. The faculty, the staff, and her classmates have taught her valuable lessons, personally and professionally, and she wants to give back to that community by advocating for them on a university-wide level. Outside of the campaign, Aurora is a member of the Sustainability Committee of USG, is the director of recycling for her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, and works for Ohio State’s Sustainability Institute. Her dot number is ellis.879, and she is always open to sit down and chat or answer any questions.

College of Public Affairs Senator

Teresa Lebowitz (she/her)

Teresa Lebowitz is a second-year student studying Public Management, Leadership and Policy at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs with a minor in Security and Intelligence. Teresa is currently an On-Campus Senator in the 53rd General Assembly, a Campus Ambassador for the Glenn College, the Social Media Chair for Dance Irregulars, and a Student Employee at Curl Market. She decided to run on Maddie and Sri’s campaign because she understands wellness is central to a student’s success, and Maddie and Sri truly believe in promoting the nine dimensions of wellness. Teresa is passionate about food insecurity policy, sustainability, addressing issues within dining services, student civic engagement, professional development, and equity and inclusion within Glenn College literature. Teresa is running for the Glenn College seat because she wants to continue the success of the Glenn community by representing their best interests in the General Assembly. The Glenn College and its students hold great power, and Teresa would be honored to serve her peers in a way that uplifts their voices. In her free time, Teresa loves to dance, watch mafia movies, and take barre exercise classes! Follow Teresa on Instagram @avatar_teresa, as she will address both campus-wide and Glenn-specific policy points on each day of the campaign!

College of Public Health Senator

Suhavi Salmon-Rehki (she/her)

Suhavi Salmon-Rekhi is a second year from Dayton, Ohio studying Public Health with a Sociology specialization. She is running for the Public Health seat to voice the views and concerns of those within the college and advocate for issues that pertain to public health. Her particular policy interests are improving sexual health education and increasing the accessibility of family housing for students and faculty. In addition to running for USG, Suhavi works with the Latinx Student Association, sits on an advisory board for academic success, and is a Morrill Scholar. Her Instagram is @suhavi_, be sure to follow her for more!

College of Social Work Senator

Leah Bronaugh (she/her)

Leah is a second-year studying Social Work with a focus in pre-law. She decided to join Maddie and Sri’s campaign as a part of the Senate Slate because she believes that engaging in campus life and speaking up for others is an important aspect in being a leader for others. She saw that this reflected in Maddie and Sri’s ideals. Leah is very passionate on more comprehensible sex education for students; promoting safety for students on campus; better access to mental health resources; and better access to scholarships and financial information for students to ensure that students are financially protected in college. She decided to run for the Social Work seat because the College of Social Work has inspired her in many ways and she wishes to use the knowledge she has acquired from the College of Social Work to assist and advocate for her fellow peers. Outside of the campaign, Leah is a member of the Justice and Equity committee of USG, works in the Resources and Accessibility committee, is a Morrill Scholars mentor, and is the secretary for Take Back the Night. Follow her on instagram @leahbronaugh, each day of the campaign she will be highlighting a different policy area, both for the campus and specifically for the College of Social Work!

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